Monday, August 30, 2010

Personal Taste 个人取向 Korean Drama Channel U Private Screening

I was really excited! I was invited to attend the Channel U “Personal Taste” Private Screening on 28 August 2010 at the *Scape Park. Just cant wait to see my favourite Korean Kimchi heartthrob Lee Min Ho again! Finally his new drama its here on Singapore TV, about 9 months wait after the hit “Boys Over Flowers” Korean drama serial! Hooray!!

I was about 15 minutes late for my special appointment that afternoon, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances. Ted and me had to run and rushed up to Level 5 of *Scape Park where the screening was held. Never mind about that but let me quickly recap just what happened yesterday. When we reached, the kind lady staff quickly took our attendance and whisked us in without further ado after putting a stamp each on our hands as entry identification. We were also given a free goodie bag too (containing a “Personal Taste” poster and a notebook – so nice!) Look what we got!

Lovely "Personal Taste" Private Screening door gifts
Not going to miss out anything, I quickly grabbed my seat. 4 of the audience were already playing some games in front with the hosts that evening, who happened to be famous Channel 8 TV hosts - Lee Teng and Jeremy. It was a game where 4 female fans of the Korean heartthrob were asked what they were to do if they meet with Lee Min Ho. There was a moment of excitement. You mean Min Ho is here?

Look who is here?
Suddenly the audience was excited.  Jeremy disappeared to the back of the “Personal Taste” drama advertisement board.  Lee Teng asked who could be at the back of the board. Suddenly, “Lee Min Ho” appeared !! Jeremy was carrying a fan wearing an image of “Min Ho” on the mask to everyone’s surprise. The gesture made the audience laughed uncontrollably. As someone in the audience put it aptly, this must be the short version of “Lee Min Ho”!! More laughter.

Meeting "Lee Min Ho"

The 4 fans were asked to say what they would do if they were to meet Min Ho and so they spoke words of admiration and love for their Korean idol Lee Min Ho and each also got to take a candid photo with “Min Ho” posed by Jeremy!! ‘Min Ho’ was sooo funny!!

Lucky fans posing with "Lee Min Ho"

The audience was just not getting enough of Min Ho after this. Finally Lee Teng and Jeremy said the magic words – and the screening of the new drama started, to everyone’s delight! Let the show begin.

"Personal Taste" drama begins
Ted and me relaxed in our seats. The drama was projected on the big white screen in front. There were also 2 LCD TVs aptly located in the front for the fans that evening.  

Screenshots of "Personal Taste" Korean drama
We were treated to an episode of the Korean drama “Personal Taste”. Starring handsome doe-eyed Korean heartthrob LEE Min-Ho and the pretty SUN Ye-Jin, the ghizz of the episode of the drama revolves around an architect, Jeon Jin Ho (played by LEE Min-Ho) and the daughter of a famous furniture designer, Pak Kae In (played by SUN Ye-Jin). There were many misadventures between the two lead characters causing many funny misunderstandings between the two of them.

A fateful encounter between the two lead both fighting to chase after a cab to rush to a convention centre and consequently ended up with both taking the same bus after the cab went off, started this whole captivating plot. Jin Ho, the architect was rushing to the Convention Centre and carrying a model of the future Art Centre in his hands on the bus, and with Kae In also on the same bus after both failed to chase after a same cab earlier. The bus braked and Kae In almost fell on Jin Ho’s laps but as part of his quick reaction to protect his wooden model, he groped at Kae In’s butt to prevent her from sitting and destroying his hardwork!! A beautiful misunderstanding that got both of them acquainted with each other but all on the wrong footing.

Many funny encounters and twists between the two lead unfolds later in the episode, with the manly Jin Ho being misunderstood as a gay and many more creative twists to the plot. (Wont spill the beans anymore here. Watch it yourself !) The episode ended with suspense to the upcoming plot. So much said, I really cant wait for the continuing episode of the drama, thinking about it now…

Hosts Lee Teng and Jeremy
After the episode ended, Lee Teng and Jeremy appeared in front of the audience again. More excitement awaits. The hosts played some more games to the audience’s delight. A few questions were threw to the floor regarding the drama and the lucky audience got to win shopping vouchers.
Choose me, choose me
Then there was a second game where Jeremy thew a ball to the audience crowd to pick a lucky audience who gets to pose in the “Personal Taste” drama board and after that, she gets to win an autographed poster by Lee Min Ho. 3 lucky female fans got the special prize!! What an envy!

"Hey how do i look?" Jeremy posing in the drama board
Lucky audience picked to pose

Finally the session came to an end. Hosts Lee Teng and Jeremy thanked everyone and hope everyone will continue to support and catch the new upcoming Korean drama “Personal Taste” which will be debuting on Channel U from 4 September 2010.

I will very busy from September again. (Just like the Channel U “I am busy” tagline) Am definitely not going to miss “Personal Taste”! Got be at home on Saturday nights to catch my favourite Korean drama again!  So don’t miss it – the new Korean drama “Personal Taste” starring LEE Min-Ho and SUN Ye-Jin on Channel U every Saturday night at 930pm starting from 4 September 2010 !!!

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